30 Things to do in 2012

Yeah I know, it’s almost the end of January. However I find myself procrastinating as of late.  Instead of a resolution, here are 30 things that are on my “to do” list in 2012 because I probably will do them at some point this year.  Consider them predictions (especially because in the time it took me to actually finishing writing and publishing this post, some have already occurred)

  1. Teach my children at least one new four-letter word  (check – me + Wii Super Mario brothers = bad language)
  2. Cry over a work case (done)
  3. Get a tattoo with my sister (done. Got my first.  Will post pictures sometime)
  4. Piss of my mother (done – see #3)
  5. Learn something new about my family (just discovered my father was convicted of felony child abuse – cruelty the year he died – and it wasn’t with respect to me or my sister)
  6. Love on my kids and learn new things about them.
  7. Realize my children are getting way too old too quick.
  8. Cope with my son’s sensory processing issues and my daughter’s anxiety issues.  Try not to go insane doing it.
  9. Struggle to adapt to change  (having just learned DH is switching to first shift, this is already occuring)
  10. Take back over the grocery shopping in an attempt to save money, actually have food in the house, and have something to eat besides Double stuffed oreos (not that those aren’t tasty).
  11. Struggle with my weight and exercising.
  12. Dye my hair at least 3 new shades and wonder why on earth I don’t just stick with the color I know and like.
  13. Plan someone’s death in agonizing detail – do nothing about it.
  14. Play “Just Dance” and laugh
  15. Try 5 new types of wine
  16. Read good books – some stupid filth trash novels (Sookie Stackhouse anyone?) and some really good ones (The Help)
  17. Curb my sarcastic side enough that I don’t get slapped.
  18. Do something which requires me to apologize to my children.
  19. Curse at an appliance in my house (done – the f***ing dishwasher broke)
  20. Dream of winning enough money to just pay off my school loans.
  21. Get irritated because other people are not as organized as me.
  22. Come up with new creative ways to organize my family (dry erase board To Do lists are working well)
  23. Be thankful for a husband that loves hunting and in-laws that love my children such that he can take the children to his parents, hunt all day, and leave me at home ALONE.
  24. Pin a zillion things to pinterest and only make about 5.
  25. Go scrapbooking with the girls (trip already planned).
  26. Realize how much I love my sister and miss her terribly when we are apart.
  27. Spend the first half of the year planning a beach vacation, then go and have a great time, and then the second half of the year planning next year’s trip.
  28. Go camping at least 2x.
  29. Drink insane amounts of coffee.
  30. Wonder for a brief second how much $$ I spend between coffee and scrapbook supplies, but then realize it’s still cheaper than prozac!

Happy 2012 everyone!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DMd
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 06:28:29

    You and I have #29 in common 🙂


  2. Cheryl
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 19:12:48

    That list is hilarious – does it count if other people have already done some of the things on your list? 🙂


  3. Wayne Augden
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 16:49:45

    Cracking up! Not because of my life…..Because of your list! LOL


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