Sensory Issues – SPD

ImageSeveral people have asked for an update to my Raising Boys post.  I haven’t updated before now because I was still trying to find answers. And because I was in denial.

We discovered that the “attack” had been unprovoked. The teachers had just told the other parent that it was more reciprocal to avoid any issues from these parents who have been known to go overboard in their reaction.  The teachers did not see it as an aggressive move by Bugaboo.  He doesn’t seem mad when he does it.  We talked about how he does not communicate verbally in class at all. He points or gestures.  DH and I were at odds on how to handle it and sat down with a therapist who referred us to a neurotherapist. She suspected Bugaboo might have some sensory processing issues.

Me being me – I immediately embarked on a crusade to read anything and everything I could. Multiple battles over referrals and scheduling and such gave me about 3 weeks to read, panic and read some more. Also to observe – how Bugaboo walks, moves, communicates, interacts.  What I read led me to believe that there probably are some sensory issues.  And some things I had not thought were a big deal really are.  Bugaboo’s abilty to entertain himself for 2 hours coloring or stacking/restacking blocks may be useful at times, but it’s not really typical.

Today was our first evaluation. We have one more evaluation before the conferenece to discuss results and goals. But already the specialist says there are some issues we will address.  No one has mentioned a label yet, for which I’m grateful. Goals and improvements sound much less scary and I’m not ready for a “diagnosis.”  I am, however, cautiously optimistic that we might find answers to the failure to sleep at night, the need to be in constant contact with my arm, the unprovoked attacks on other kids, and the other issues.


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  1. mssc54
    Jan 05, 2012 @ 17:06:20

    When our (now) seven year old son was four years old he was diagnosed with ODD. His progress from thse agressive, tantrum filled days has been nothing short of miraculous!

    I trust your family will be able to work through any issues and have a similar report.


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