So….What’s up Doc? A general update

So what’s happened since last May?

Bugaboo still says “Big Balls – Big Splash is his favorite.”

We still play musical beds ( only I try to be uber-cool about it and claim we intended to co-sleep all along. Yeah right. I keep telling Bugaboo that when he turns 3, he has to sleep in his own bed all night long.

We finally finished the kitchen remodel. Well, I do still have to figure out what to do about wall art. But the flooring and walls are done. From this (







to this









and no one (meaning DH or myself) killed the other or ourselves doing it.

We are in the midst of potty training (still) but the recent move from the 2 year to 3 year old room has much improved our success rate. We are out of town this weekend and when we return on Tuesday it is full-fledged big boy underwear. I have to keep reminding myself it is “underwear” and not “panties” because having your son yell in public that he wants to “wear his panties” isn’t such a good idea!

Munchkin enjoyed staying home with DH this summer. We worked it out to where she stayed home with him and then hung out at a friend’s for a few hours until I could pick her up.  She also did two weeks of church camp and then camp every Wednesday.  I asked her what she would miss most returning to school and she said her “TV time.”  She is still addicted to Phineas and Ferb.

We are getting ready to enter Hunting season (husband) which shall be offset by Scrapbooking Season (me).  We are also entering the holidays which means bring out the colored markers so we can appropriately label the calendar.

Last but not least, we have the puppy – her name is Oreo and she’s lucky she’s cute. And has hunting potential. Because despite the adorable puppy eyes, she can be a handful.









Of course she got to keep the ball with those sad eyes.  Works with the kids -works with the dogs.  Who exactly is supposed to be in charge around here anyway?




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  1. mssc54
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 13:41:58

    The kitchen looks awesome! Wall are will begin coming home from school with the kids soon. Problem solved!

    YAY FOR HUNTING SEASON! Although I burned my left foot pretty bad a couple of weeks ago so I’m still (supposed to be) in bed with it elevated. Hope the skin graft thingy works.

    Now for the puppy. Oreo will urinate on the floor eventually. If you have soft floors (carpet or rugs) get a big container of iodized salt. When you find a urine spot pour a mound of salt on top. The salt will act like speedy-dry on an oil spill and draw the urine up/out of the carpet. Let it sit for a while. If the top of the mound is yellow remove the contaminated salt and reapply. After you have done that get a container and put one part of whiet vinegar and one part water. Pour onto the treated area. Place a WHITE TOWEL on top of the treated and stand on top. You want to BLOT (never scrup your carpet you will untwist the face yarns and it will look fuzzy).


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