Whew – I’m exhausted!

We had a very nice Easter vacation. On Thursday I efficiently managed a 237 person child support docket.  Finished at 3, I rushed home and we were out the door and on the road at 4.  Partway through our 8 hour drive, we received a phone call from the window installation company – they had an opening on Monday.  Did we want it? Sure, why not? I was off Monday so that sounded good.

We had a great visit with my sister and her family. We actually went to bed at decent times and napped at times.  As we left to drive home at 5 pm we remarked how refreshed we felt.

At 1:30 am, we pulled into our driveway and carried the kids inside. We dumped all the suitcases and junk in the kitchen and crawled into bed.  At 8 am the kids were up and moving.  I switched the coffee pot on and sat down.  At 8:15 I heard my husband yell, “the window guys are here.”  Uh oh.  I grabbed some clothes and raced to the bathroom to change.

Within 30 minutes, we had all the blinds and curtains down. The window crew consisted of 3 guys and within 1 hour, they had half  of the old windows out.  Bugaboo was infatuated with the power tools but kept wanting to walk in and out of the way.  I decided to take both kids out for awhile. We hit the playyard at McDonald’s for brunch and then the grocery store. When we returned at noon, all the windows were out and they were onto installation.

Everything had to be moved away from the walls where there were windows. Since dust was a-flying, DH had stripped the beds.  Since the beds were stripped and curtains down, I decided to wash it all.  Since there were no windows, we turned the AC off and the 86 degree heat was blazing. The kids and I escaped to the basement rec room to watch TV and try to stay cool.  At 2:30, DH left for work. At 4, I got the signal the window guys were finished.

The boss showed me how to tilt the new windows and make them all work. As he showed me the operations, I tried to shy away. I thought he sure stunk from working so hard.

Then the real work began…..

I had to remake the beds. Munchkin decided she wanted her room rearranged so we did.   Of course we found dust when we moved things, so we dusted. Then half of her clothes didn’t fit in the closet, so I pulled out the winter stuff and hung up the summer things. We re-made her bed. Then I rehung all the blinds and curtains. Our old window AC unit and wooden boards were gone – replaced with a new window (the prior owner never removed the old units even after having central air installed).  Since we now have two windows in our bedroom, I rearranged too.  More dusting.  Had to remake all the beds.  Then vacuum and dust the house.

I’m EXHAUSTED. So much for relaxed. I need a vacation day for my vacation day.  When I stopped to take a breather, I realized that now I was the one stinking.  I hopped in the shower, too tired to do anything but stand there for the first 10 minutes.  On the plus side, a hot shower has never felt so good.

But there is a bottle of wine chilling and I plan to have a glass after the kids are in bed.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracie
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 23:59:16

    Whew!! I’m needing a glass of wine and a nap just reading about that day!

    I bet everything looks great though, and once the tiredness wears off, that will be a nice thing.


  2. DM
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 08:29:37

    Exciting. I love new windows. 🙂


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