Monday Morning Randoms

I have lots of thoughts running through my head but none coherent or long enough to justify their own blog entry so I’ll just include them all here in their original, straight out of my brain, form.

  • Why is it that I get so excited for spring every single year the first time it hits 80 degrees? I know, from years of experience, that it will turn cold again.  This week it is 40 and rainy. Totally sucks.
  • What part of “I have a headache” does my husband not understand? You’d think the fact that I went to bed at 7:30 pm would have clued him in that I was serious.  It’s really not that hard to look in and see that both your wife and your son are asleep in the bed, to turn and walk away. Instead DH chose to wake me up to tell me he was leaving to go pick up Munchkin, wake me up to tell me he was back, allow Munchkin to come in and sleep with me, leave Bugaboo in the bed, on the edge where he fell off at 3am. To top it all off, he then whined this morning about how he had to sleep in Munchkin’s bed and it was cold in her room.   Then he asked me if I slept well.  Lucky for him my vocabulary was restrained by the fact that Bugaboo was in the room.  I still have a headache too.
  • A person who is running from their child support obligation and is bat-shit crazy keeps sending me emails bragging because we haven’t caught him yet. He claims that the government is conspiring against him because he’s a secret agent who has some knowledge the United States doesn’t want getting out. He also claims his wife is an unfit mother because she and her new husband took some provocative pictures and somehow he hacked into their computer and found them. He now sends them to me in the emails he sends. I have learned not to open attachments from him so he cut and pasted it into the body of his email.  Someone pass me some bleach for my eyes.  IT is now working on blocking his email from our server.
  • Last week one of my (least) favorite defendants was in court. Two weeks ago he was ordered to do community service until he found a job. We told him that he would work for free until he found a job and could pay child support. He didn’t like that so much. The next week he was to report on his progress. Lo and behold, we got a message that he had fallen off the curb waiting for the bus and was at the hospital.  So last week he was on the docket again. He showed up at 12:40, much later than the 9 am start time, a time which the Judge had specifically ordered him to appear. He came hobbling in on crutches proudly clutching a stack of medical papers. I guess he didn’t think I would read them.  Not only did I read them, but I shared with the Judge the fact that the “fall” took place three days prior to court and was at his house. He presented to the hospital on the morning of court with a chief complaint of “I have to be in court but I don’t have any money. Can I get a doctor’s note?”  He also explained that his fall occurred after he used ecstasy, meth and smoked large quantities of tobacco. So this guy had money for drugs, but not child support. He also appeared wearing brand new Nikes.  He went to jail without passing Go and collecting $200.  In our jail you can be a trustee/supervisor which means you get some privileges (own cell, more freedom) in return for taking on some extra responsibilities.  This guy is accustomed to being a trustee but you have to be able to walk in order to get that position. Lo and behold, this guy was walking without crutches within 10 seconds of being informed he would have to share a cell.  So glad I could play a small part in healing this person. What a miracle!
  • I learned last week that my husband has been washing our clothes with fabric softener instead of detergent.  He thought all containers in the laundry aisle were the same. I shudder to think how long it has been since my clothes saw soap. He also chose a lavender scent despite knowing that Munchkin and I are both allergic to lavender.
  • I finally sewed on all the badges to Munchkin’s Girl Scout and awana vests. Only to get an email from the leader today that she is sending home the recent badges they have earned. Grrr. My fingers are still sore and bloody.
  • Munchkin was super duper wild yesterday. I threatened that if she didn’t calm down, I’d take her outside and make her run laps. She thought that sounded fun and continued to act out. So I put on my sneakers and made her run.  I’d walk behind her and say “run to the black mailbox.”  It was a mile walk probably. She was whining the last bit and I turned the corner as if to do another lap and she begged me to stop and promised to behave. It was good exercise for me. Wonder if I can get her to be wild again tonight? Ha
  • I heard that the Oxford dictionary added “LOL” and “BFF” to their dictionary this year. That irks me. What irks me more is the teenagers who sit through church and text.  Worse than that are the grownups who do it too.
  • I’m addicted to “quotation marks.”  I also start each question with “and.” These things I learned in reviewing a recent article I wrote and listening to an audio recording from a recent trial.  Oh well, that’s me!

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  1. Tracie
    Mar 28, 2011 @ 10:30:08

    You are cracking me up with the “healing” of the prisoner. What a miracle! hehe

    I hope IT gets that guy blocked so you don’t get any more emails from him. Yuck.

    The last time I had a headache, my husband and daughter stood by the bed where I was trying to sleep so it would go away and he (loudy!!) told her, “mommy doesn’t feel good so we are going to be quiet” and then proceeded to turn a movie on (in the room I was trying to sleep in), eat a bag of cookies, and then do something that I am assuming (because my eyes were closed) was some hybrid form of tag and wrestle-mania…..the shrieks of laughter and random running into the bed was loud and jarring.

    I heard the same thing about the Oxford English Dictionary and was not happy either. How stupid! I can understand the adding of slang words that have become commonly used (I don’t exactly love it, but I can understand) but LOL and such are not words. grrrrr (<—also, although I use "grrr" on the internet to indicate that I am growling in frustration… is not a word, and I don't want to see it in a dictionary!)


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