It’s that Time of Year again – death by piles of clothes

 Bugaboo started getting a pooch tummy a few weeks ago, and insisting on eating 8x a day. I knew what that meant — growth spurt.  Of course it happens right at the first of March. It’s not yet hot enough to pull out the 2T/3T summer stuff I bought. Nope.  And the 18-24 month winter stuff is too small.  So I have to find a consignment store that still has winter stuff in stock. After hitting 4 stores I found a few things to see me through.

Know what happened yesterday? It was 75 degrees outside. Don’t get me wrong. I love spring.  But those winter cloths? On the floor. Downstairs to the basement to pull out some spring clothes. Of course nothing of Munchkin’s from last year fits either. So I find her some stuff too.

As for me, I leave one pair of shorts out all year long, just for days like this. Aren’t I smart?  Except they somehow shrunk over the winter. Because they don’t fit. And it can’t possibly be that I’ve %##&@!& gained weight. 

Yesterday we had the windows open. Our neighbors turned their AC on. Last night it got down to 40 degrees and I had to pull up that cover I had kicked off earlier in the night.  This week it is forecasted to range from 39 degrees and rainy up to 76 degrees and sunny. Is it any wonder we all get sick this type of year? We go from heat in the morning and night to AC during the day.  My poor 15 year old furnace system just hates me.

On top of all of this hot to cold weather, I decided it was time to get rid of the 12 tubs of clothing that the kids have outgrown.  There is a consigment sale in two weeks. I have spent approximately 4 hours sorting clothes. Exclaiming over the cute outfits I remember my children wearing and trying to reduce the memories to yard sale prices.  All of the clothes are stored downstairs in the unfinished part of the basement. I drag the tubs into the finished section, sit on the couch and watch TV while I sort.  Not too bad, except someone lost the remote. So while the Today show was fine on Saturday morning, it flipped to cartoons. It took me 35 minutes to dig out from the pile of clothes around me and get up to change the freakin’ channel. I yelled at Munchkin to change it – isn’t that what kids are for. I mean, that was my job as a child (Val, get your !#%*&%^ over here and change that channel. Now wiggle the antenna. There, hold it right there and don’t move until this play is over).  Munchkin looked all over and said, “mommy where’s the remote?”  I tried to explain that it was actually possible to change the channel directly on the TV but it went right over her head.

Half the tubs are done. Half are left to do.  Just when I finish, it will really turn spring and I’ll get to switch out everyone’s wardrobes from fall/winter to spring/summer.  FML.


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  1. memoirsofamadonna
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 02:21:22

    My almost-three year totally changes the channels happily… She is even a professional at putting new movies in and taking the just-watched ones out….



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