Running in the Rain

 I checked the weather forecast Sunday night and saw that the temperatures were supposed to be nice. I completely forgot to check to see if it was going to rain, pour or otherwise rock my world. 

When I arrived at work, I began to hear talk about a bad storm coming our way. I checked online and, sure enough, tornado and severe thunderstorms headed our way and predicted to hit right at 5 pm.

About lunch time the trees started to sway. A bit later the rain started.  A few moments later I received this email from our facilities director –

A strong cold-front will move quickly from the west  into the southern Appalachians mid-day on Monday and then move rapidly across the state.  Strong wind fields coupled with warm temperatures and a very unstable atmosphere will create the perfect conditions for thunderstorms in our area Monday late afternoon into Monday evening. Widespread wind damage is possible with tornadoes and hail in some areas. The NWS is warning some of these tornadoes may be strong. Some areas may receive excessive rainfall and the potential for flash flooding.
Do you know where to go in case of tornado? Lowest floor possible, interior hall, stay away from glass. Crouch and cover your head.
The wind is becoming fierce right now. If you are parked near the employee of the month spot, or the other side of the median under the tree, you may want to consider moving your vehicle. Those tree limbs are breaking off at a decent rate right now. I suggest a spot no near a tree!
Please let me know if you have any questions about the safest spot in your area.

I wasn’t parked near any trees so I just watched out the window as tree limbs flew by.  At 4:30 the sky burst open.  I am scheduled to leave at 4:45.  I debated waiting the worst of it out but the downfall kept coming. 

Bugaboo’s child care facility is a huge modular unit (two actually) with large windows in each classroom. For storms, they try to squeeze everyone in the hall, but if the storm comes with enough warning, they evacuate next door to the large business which has a brick building.  I’ve shown up in pouring rain to pick him up, run inside, only to learn he is next door and had to run across the field to the next building and back.  I thought I would try to scoot over to daycare quickly and avoid that situation.

As I walked down the stairs in my backless, high heeled shoes, I realized, that while cute, they were not designed for running.  Especially given that the heel tip had broken on one.  So I took them off.  Shoes in one hand, purse over shoulder, keys in the other, I ran.  I swear I heard co-workers laughing at me.  My car was only 8 spots from the door. Yet I was soaked.  My hair was dripping and my clothes could be wrung out.  The temperature had dropped 20 degrees in just a few moments. 

I brushed my hair out of my eyes and drove to daycare, dodging tree limbs, with wipers going full speed. I pulled into the parking lot to see that every other parent had the same idea. I scootched into the last parking spot, furthest from the door.  I left the car running and ran barefoot into the building.  High heeled shoes are not designed for running in the rain and being barefoot in the parking lot was much better. However, when bare feet hit a wet, polished floor, you slide — quickly. Luckily some other mother caught me before I crashed. I grabbed Bugaboo, wrapped a blanket around him and hip hopped over puddles back to the car. He thought it was funny.  I jumped in the front seat and slammed the door.  Whew. 

Twisting and turning, I managed to get my 26 pound son over the seat into the backseat into his car seat. He was not happy. When I had hopped in the front seat, he hoped to drive!  I managed to get him buckled, which is no easy feat while hanging backwards over the car seat.  We headed off to pick up his Sissy.  My cell rang but I ignored it.

Halfway to the school, the phone rang again. I was not taking my hands off the wheel to answer so I let it go to voice mail.  We arrived at Munchkin’s school and I managed to get a parking spot right next to the overhang.  I turned over the seat, seriously debated leaving Bugaboo in the car while I ran inside, decided bad guys don’t take a break for the rain, and undid his buckles.  We hop skipped over onto the porch and ran inside.  I was much more careful about the transition from brick walkway to inside flooring this time. 

After collecting Munchkin, we drove home, again avoiding the fallen tree limbs. My phone began ringing incessantly and I glanced down to see it was DH calling. At a stop light, I hit “answer” and handed the phone to Munchkin to talk.  This is the conversation –

DH – “Where are you? I was worried”
Munchkin – “Hi Daddy. I got four checks today. It was Dr. Seuss’s birthday and we had a surprise reader during library time.”

DH – “Let me talk to Mommy.”

Munchkin – “Mommy says she is driving and she needs both hands on the wheel. Did you hear me? I got four checks today.”
DH – “that is good. Tell mommy that I tried to call. Is Bugaboo with you?”
Munchkin – “Yes Bugaboo is here. Want to talk to him?”  She hands the phone to Bugaboo and tells him to “talk to daddy.”

Bugaboo – “Hi Da-da.  I play tractors at school.  When go grammy – pop-pops? Pop-pop have big tractor. I drive big tractor?”

DH – “Hi bugaboo. Give the phone to mommy now.”

Munchkin takes the phone back.  “Mommy is still driving. She needs both hands on the wheel. Did you hear that Dr. Seuss came to school today?  And my teacher let me borrow a book”
DH – “Tell mommy to call me when she gets home. And to stay home when she gets there.”

Munchkin to me “Daddy says stay home tonight.  He’s not listening to me mommy. I told him Dr. Seuss came to school today. I’m going to hang up on him and talk to you instead”  (click)

When we finally got home, I called DH back and listened to DH rant and rave how I hadn’t answered his phone calls. I reminded him that it was not safe to answer the phone in a storm and he needed to chill out. He “ordered” me to stay home that night. I don’t take too kindly to orders, but since I was drenched and put on pajamas after my shower, I decided staying home wasn’t too bad of an idea.  Munchkin gathered up all the flashlights in case we lost power and she and Bugaboo delighted in making shadow puppets.  It was a small consolation for Munchkin missing her girl scout event.

I threw my broken shoes away and made a mental note to buy a new pair of shoes (not something I’m likely to forget – any excuse for new shoes).

Today it is sunny outside and no rain expected.  Yippee!  When I arrived at work, my two neighboring co-workers clapped and told me I scored a “10” for my dancing in the rain impersonation yesterday.  I told you I heard them laughing.


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  1. Tracie
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 20:58:33

    I was cracking up so much at that phone call. How cute. “I’m going to hang up on him and talk to you instead” That is classic.

    Whew! What a day. At least the coworkers appreciated your rain dance, right?


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