Musical Beds

 I am having a girls’ weekend starting Friday.  A three day weekend with 8 girlfriends where we will shop, scrapbook, eat chocolate, drink wine and sleep. We will stay in comfy clothes or pajamas most of the day. We will go to bed when we want, wake up with no alarm clocks and even nap if we so choose.  Know what I am most excited about?  Sleeping all night in my OWN bed.  The inn has twin beds so we each get our own bed. I get to sleep ALONE.

I can’t remember the last time I slept alone. I can’t remember the last time my sleeping companion didn’t change sometime in the night.

My house has three bedrooms. Our room has a queen bed. Munchkin has a double bed and Bugaboo has bunk beds.  Typically I put Munchkin to bed in her room. Bugaboo sometimes goes to sleep in his room but more often than not, falls asleep snuggling with me on the couch. I try to move him to his room which is successful half the time. The other time I just put him in my bed when I go to sleep. DH gets home about 11:45 and comes to bed sometime thereafter. Sometimes there is room in our bed. Sometimes there is not.  Sometimes he falls asleep on the couch watching TV.

The dog likes the chair in the living room. But if the kids are loud she sometimes falls asleep in one of the beds and will stay there if left undisturbed.

Munchkin thinks it is horribly unfair that Bugaboo gets to sleep with me and she does not.  She begged me to have a sleep over in her room. I said I would, but then Bugaboo got the flu. So last night she reminded me of my promise.  I put her to bed. Bugaboo fell asleep on the couch. I put him in his bed and he stayed asleep through the move. So I went into Munchkin’s room who was already asleep.  I laid down and fell fast asleep. 

One our later I am awakened by DH stepping on some toy that had been left in his path. An hour after that I am awakened by the dog. DH had let the dog out and fallen asleep. The dog wanted back in.  An hour after that Bugaboo wakes up screaming.  He gets out of bed and wanders into the master bed and DH picks him up. About 20 minutes later he decides that is not good and he wants Mommy.  I get out of bed and go in there and Munchkin wakes up and whines and cries “it’s not fair. You love him more. Why does he always get what he wants?”  So I pick her up and take her into the master room. At which point DH decides there is not enough room.

This morning, it was me plus two children in bed.  DH was on the bottom bunk of the bunk bed and the dog was somewhere.

I wonder if I could fit two king beds side by side in my room and just make it one huge family bed……….

I told DH about being excited about the trip this weekend and he said, “a twin bed? You’d think they’d be bigger than that.”  My response – I don’t care how big it is. I get to sleep in it ALONE!


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