It’s a Money Conspiracy

 Being the good little Mommy and employee, I got my flu shot earlier this fall. Actually what happened is that Munchkin and I were at Walmart and when we walked in they were handing out flu shots.  Munchkin told me I should get one. A flu shot at Walmart?  Hmmm. Well why not. We get everything else there. And they were not collecting a copay. So I bribed Munchkin and promised her a toy if she’d get one too. I figured I’d save the copay. The lady did request my credit card info just in case our insurance didn’t cover the shot. Well I thought the insurance covered the shot, so we went ahead.  I was wrong and later received a bill.

At Bugaboo’s two year old visit, I had him get the flu shot along with his other shots.  My husband is a big sissy and did not get the flu shot. He swears the shot is a conspiracy to collect money and is really worthless.

Last week I swore I had the flu so off to the doctor I went. No flu.  Just the virus that acts like the flu but is not the flu. Copay of $25 and told to wait it out.

Wednesday Bugaboo came home with a raging fever. This is not-so-concidentally after my friend brought her two children to play just 4 nights prior and then informed me that she had given her oldest Motrin to bring down her fever before the playdate.  Thanks a bunch, friend.

So off to the doctor we go yesterday where Bugaboo is diagnosed with Strand B of the flu. The doctor mentioned that even people who have had the flu shot are testing positive. And by the way, even those with the flu shot are getting Strand A and H1N1 and yes you can get all three. At that point my husband started ranting about the government conspiracy to make us all get flu shots and there was probably some mind control medicine in there. I told him to shut up.

The doctor offered tamiflu to reduce Bugaboo’s symptoms by 24 hours but warned of the side effects.  He’s not acting horribly bad – just a fever mostly so we declined. But we did ask about it as preventative. Apparently the side effects for the preventative dose aren’t supposed to be “that” bad.  DH wanted to argue but I told him if I got sick, then Munchkin, then him, that would be 4 weeks out of work total for the family, and that I’d likely kill him if he was sick and whiny a week and I’d definitely kill him if I missed my much planned girls’ trip next weekend.  He saw the “look of death” in my eyes and shut up. 

So we went off to call our respective doctors for tamiflu. No one warned us of the copay.  $50 a pop.

All total –

$25 each for 2 flu shots = $50 plus the $20 toy needed to bribe Munchkin to get the shot

$25 copay for doctor’s visit

$25 each for 3 tamiflu shots = $150

other assorted medicines, vicks vapor rubs –

All TOTAL – estimated $300 plus wine to let mommy survive the next few days

and don’t forget the massive amounts of immodium needed to counteract the so-called “mild” side effects of tamiflu.

It’s a lovely day in my neighborhood – how about yours? I really will be Legally Insane after this week.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DM
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 15:42:23

    nothing a beautiful harvest table nestled in your dining room wouldn’t take the edge off 🙂


  2. lawyerchik1
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 22:48:01

    Ugh. I am sorry for the whole thing – it just sounds … wretched all around. I have successfully refused to get a flu shot for several years. I did one year, but I didn’t notice any difference, and after I had my titers checked for everything else a year or two ago, I figured I would let my immune system defend itself for a little while longer!! 🙂

    Hope you stay healthy and hang in there. ….. I DO like DM’s idea, though! 😉


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