McFatty Monday – Detoured

 Dear Self

Do not attempt to start any dietary changes while-

1. PMS-ing

2. preparing for an upcoming week of trial in which you will have to eat lunch out

3.  recovering from a week of being snowed in

You will get detoured.



As you can guess, the road to weight-loss has not gone as planned this week. However, not to be completely negative, I did work out. My two year old has learned that it is fun to watch mommy play Wii Fit. So when he gets home he yells, “Balls” and insists I play Wii. Which is great for me.  I jump the obstacle course, get knocked down by those large swinging black rubber balls, get run over by hedgehogs and have my bubble popped by a bee. I get exercise and he gets the giggles.  I have also learned that any attempt by me to do any sort of crunch or sit up, will result in being body slammed by a 26 pound two-year old.  Which while not productive for doing crunches, does make an excellent opportunity to bench-press 26 pounds!

Next week I hope to do better.


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  1. mssc54
    Jan 28, 2011 @ 08:12:44

    Next month will mark the twelth month that my Mrs. began seeing he weight management doctor. Like most who struggle with weight loss she has tried every (I think literally) “diet” over the last 20+ years. One time she even lost nearly 100 lbs!!!!

    However, this time seems to be dramatically different! She has slowly lost the weight and (to date) has lost SIXTY EIGHT POUNDS!!!

    One of the the biggest things (as I understand it) is the protein vs calorie per serving ratio. It’s a ten to one ratio. For example if a meat or cheese has 9 grams of protein I look for a calorie count as close to 90 as possible. It’s not always possible and it was a pain when I first began but I’ve turned it into sort of a game now.

    I am so proud of my Mrs. for sticking with this life style. But the freakiest thing about it is when I have to occassionally give her a shot of B12 in her butt. The first time I had to call one of our adult daughters (all three work in the medical field) over to do it. Something about sticking that needle in her just creeped me out!

    Best of luck in court this week. I trust JUSTICE PREVAILS!!


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