This Delay in posting……..

 This delay in posting is brought to your courtesy of S.N.O.W.  Not just any snow, but a lot of snow. About 6 inches. Which may not be a lot of snow where you live. However, here it exceeds the sum total we usually see in two years combined.  Plus we had sleet on top of it. Plus this town doesn’t have many snow plows or salt trucks.  Which means my world has come to a G*R*I*N*D*I*N*G***H*A*L*T*

And thanks to no school and daycare I am now really and truly Legally Insane. Being stuck indoors for 4 days with a husband, two children, a dog and some fish will do that to you.


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  1. Tracie
    Jan 12, 2011 @ 14:09:03

    Since I am down here in Florida (the only state with no snow today!) I can only imagine that 6 inches is a lot. Hopefully you are all stocked up on hot chocolate to make it through!! Sending warm thoughts your way.


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