SAHM v. WOHM – I’m doing both

I generally go into work quite early (7 am) so I can leave at 4:45. Leaving those 15 minutes before the 5pm bell saves me 30 minutes of commute time and enables me to make it to the 5:30 (who the hell schedules these things anyway?) events my daughter has.  My husband does the morning routine and gets the kids to school/daycare.   He then tries to nap before getting some house work/errands done and heading to work at 3 pm.  I do the evening routines, homework, bedtime and running. I’m asleep before he gets home.  It’s not ideal but it works for us.

Our usual routine has been throw into mass chaos with the snow days. On Monday I tried to go into the office only to turn around. Husband was out that day too.  The past two days I’ve gone in once the office opened (a bit late) and then come home so Husband could go into work.  Sounds like a workable solution, right?

WRONG!  This is what it really looks like.

Stumble out of bed around 7 or 8 when the kids wake up.  Find coffee pot and make coffee. Try to get ready for work but because I’m not in my usual rush and because the kids are awake, it takes twice as long.  Figure out what to wear.  Find snow boots and pack shoes. Pack lunch.  Leave for my usually 20 minute drive 45 minutes early.  Drive to work.  Hike through slush to office. Change shoes. Call Husband to tell him I survived the drive in. Listen to his rants of how it is too cold and wet to go outside but that he has cabin fever.

Debate making a pot of coffee but decide it is so close to lunch to just switch to soda.  Check mail. Check email. Determine what is open and on what schedule.  Call courthouse to get new dates from our snow cancellations.  Try to guess and forecast what the rest of the week looks like. Spend two hours rescheduling all the stuff that was cancelled.

Sit down to do work and get interrupted by growling stomach. Realize that even though I’ve only been at work 2 hours, it is lunch time.  Grab food at my desk and work some more. Try to cram 8 hours of work into 4 hours. Stress because I’m not getting enough done. Pack back with stuff I intend (know what they say about good intentions?) to do at home.

Drive home.  Pull into driveway and exchange WOHM for the SAHM hat.  Walk into mass chaos. The house is cluttered and a mess.  Two kids and a husband cooped up inside has that effect.  Hope that Bugaboo is still napping and find out he is, not only awake, but only slept 90 minutes instead of his usual 2 hours.  Straighten up enough that I have a clear path through the house.  Wave goodbye to Husband.  Feel jealous he is leaving but relishing the time with the kids.

Intend to be a good-stay-at-home-mom and turn the TV off.   This lasts about 30 minutes before I turn on Thomas the Train for Bugaboo and play a game with Munchkin. Bugaboo tugs at my arm and says “dance” which means he wants to play Wii Fit and Just Dance for Kids.  Try to dance with both kids.  Exhaust myself and they are still going.  Think about all the well-balanced meals I should fix. Then realize that one or both kids won’t like them.  Give up. Cabin fever hits high point.  Tuesday – loaded both kids in the car, still in their pajamas since they hadn’t put clothes on. Drive to redbox to rent a movie. Drive through McDs drive through.  Come home. Eat happy meals.  Play Wii game. Put them to bed in the same jammies they wore all day.  Intend to work but end up playing facebook games.  Wed night (tonight) come home and have cabin fever. Go to Walmart to return some stuff. End up buying groceries. Come home.  Kids start fighting. Bribe them to eat yogurt for “supper” and then go see a movie at the cheap theater. Eat popcorn for supper. Leave theater and realize we are still hungry so back through the McDs drive through. Eat chicken nuggets on a blanket in living room while playing Clue on Wii.

Realize that the 60 minute nap at 5pm that Bugaboo took through the movie means he is not tired at 8 like usual. Realize the M&Ms Munchkin ate with her popcorn means she is not tired at 8pm. Finally get both kids to bed at 9:30.  Break out work pile. Put work DVD in to watch and the screen says “not compatible.” Blurt out something that sounds like “Shit yeah” which means Shit, I needed to watch that and Yeah I have an excuse not to work.

Go to bed with all good intentions of figuring out this WOHM-SAHM balance stuff. Surely it isn’t impossible to cram 8 hours of work into 4 hours and then come home and be the perfect SAHM whose kids do not watch TV but do educational workbooks to make up for their missed school……right?  And since tomorrow is ANOTHER snow day, I get another opportunity to figure it out.


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  1. lawyerchik1
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 00:16:16

    Sorry to say this, but this really made me laugh!! 🙂 Not laughing “at” you – “with” you!! Seriously – I don’t know how you manage, but I can sense the love through the chaos, and I am sure that your kids do, too. Hang in there…..


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