Back to Life – Back to Reality

Yesterday the cashiers at both Starbucks and McDonalds, as well as anyone in line to get gas or a movie at redbox, and the Pizza Hut delivery guy all saw me in my pajamas.  Husband had gotten up early to take the kids to visit their grandparents (his parents) while he took a final stab at hunting.  I slept ……until 10:30.  I then, dressed in my finest new Christmas pajamas, drove to Starbucks for my last full fat, full sugar coffee.  Followed by a trip through the McDonald’s drive through for a fried chicken strip meal, complete with large french fries.  Topped of with a stop to pick up a total chick-flick from Redbox and back home.  I laid on the couch, caught up on facebook, read some on my new Kindle, and slept some more.  I drank full-blooded Pepsi (which is strangely overly sweet to me now).  I ordered pizza delivery for supper and the delivery boy didn’t even blink at my pajamas. The only healthy thing I did was dance a bit more to Just Dance for Kids.  And that was more fun than for exercise.

Tomorrow is back to reality. After almost two weeks out of the office, I have to return to work tomorrow.  The alarm on my brand new blackberry phone is set (I think) and the clothes are laid out.  Lunches are packed and we are all set. We’ll see how well things go when the blasted alarm rings at 6 am.

I dread seeing the number of emails I need to answer and phone calls to return. I do relish the return to a routine. The OCD side of myself loves the prospect of filling my brand new calendar with its color-coded entries.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to my New Years’ resolutions to eat healthier and work out more.  Considering I’ve done the Wii Fit and the Just Dance video every (all two of them) day of this new year, I’m off to a halfway good start. The other half has been defeated by cookie dough ice cream and my MIL’s irresistible fudge, as well as the bottle of wine in my fridge.

We’ll see what tomorrow brings…..


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