Doing the Daffy – New Year’s Resolution

I like to dance but I don’t have rhythm.  I flunked out of ballet after one year of lessons at age 5. Since then it’s just been me, alone in my room, trying to figure things out.  My sister coined my attempts to dance as “doing the daffy” because she claims I resemble Daffy Duck.  She’s probably right.

I can follow steps okay.  So I dreamed of being a cheerleader, mostly because of the related popularity. The only problem? I can’t touch my toes.  I have zero flexibility.  Which probably doesn’t make it easier to dance well either.

In college I learned that a few well-timed alcoholic drinks on my part made me feel less inhibited about drinking.  A few drinks on the part of the person I was dancing with made them not care how many times I stepped on their toes.  Friends of mine enjoyed a nearby country club and we went often.  Wednesdays were Ladies’ Nights and females not only got in free, but they had line dancing lessons in the early evening. We went nearly every week. So much that I learned not to schedule 8 am classes on Thursday.  I memorized steps quite well. But I never could get the rhythm down enough to make it look anything like it was supposed too.

Nevertheless I still like to dance. My children don’t mind my awkwardness when we dance in the living room, especially when I throw in some dips and twirls to make them giggle.

My New Years Resolution (like hundreds of others’, I’m sure)  is to get in better shape.  Toward that end I listed Just Dance on my Christmas list.  After purchasing some Golds’ gym version that was extreme in its work-out moves, and hearing about my sister’s fun with the kids’ version, I purchased Just Dance for Kids.  I figured it was something we could do together.

Insert Laughter here.

It is hilarious!  The entire family has gotten into things.  Munchkin has some moves. Bugaboo looks cute no matter what he does. Husband has four left feet and runs all over us. As for me, I consistently get the highest scores and win. Despite my prowess at the game, I still look like Daffy doing it.  Quack quack.


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  1. mssc54
    Jan 01, 2011 @ 16:24:02

    I am the only one who thinks that my dancing is pretty cool. But then again I grew up in the age of DISCO BABY!

    That dancing for kids sounds intrigueing.


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