Fruit Soup, Burning Plastic, and Fuzz Balls

  Friends of ours just had twins.  They have an 8 year old girl and a 6 year old boy and the husband thought they were done having children. The wife sort of wanted one more and lo and behold she got pregnant.  God has a great sense of humor and it turned out they were having twins.  After picking her husband up off the floor, the couple recovered fairly well.

My friend is an uber-crunchy, has it all together, homeschools her two children, and manages it all woman.  I’m in awe while simultaneously wanting to kill her.  So when I talked to her and she sounded like she was (finally) having a break down, I thought it would be nice to help out.  Turns out her husband was going in for minor “surgery” to insure there would be no more twins in their future.  So this weekend was a great time for me to help out by taking the oldest two for awhile.

I picked up the children and peeked in on the twins. After their mother had breastfed both (and then pumped to get up her supply) she had laid them both down for a nap and they were both sound asleep. Sounds heavenly, right?  I had that twinge of baby envy – then reminded myself that they do wake up eventually.  I chatted with the Mom a bit about school. Turns out she might actually be human.  She’s determined that it might be a bit difficult to homeschool both children with the twins. So they might put their youngest into public school, at the same school as my daughter. 

After chatting, I took both kids to my house.  All of the children started running around and playing. These are good kids, but I was reminded quickly that little cute adorable babies grow up into big kids, that even when good, make noise and take up room.  My house is also small for two children, let alone four.

Our two guests don’t have a video game system and were absolutely astonished at the Wii.  My daughter, who probably has a bit too much video game experience, sat down to teach them the ropes.  They played bowling and Mario Kart and lots of other games. Soon they were hungry.

Now let me tell you a bit about myself.  I don’t cook – not well.  I tend to burn even the easiest things. It’s hit or miss with me.  My daughter had seen a new kind of frozen pizza at the store. Sure, we can try that brand.  I read the directions and everything. I swear the box said to put the pizza on the lowest rack in the magic plastic tray.  But soon my house reeked of burning plastic that smelled horribly toxic. I immediately put the pizza on a pan and took the plastic, now charred, tray out.  Five minutes later smoke was pouring out of my oven.  Pizza is now toast – literally.

Luckily my husband remembered we had a pepperoni pizza of our usual brand and some pizza pockets in the freezer. So into the oven they went.  Not to be a horrible guest, I did give the children a choice of milk, water or 100% fruit juice and gave each of them a serving of applesauce. Only my daughter complained.  The other two wanted to know what the toasted things were.  Turns out they’ve not ever had pizza pockets before.  Hmph. 

 Being on a (perpetual) diet myself, I sat down with one small piece of pizza and a big bowl of fruit salad. The eight year old visitor looked at me.  “Fruit soup?!” she said excitedly.  Huh?  “You have fruit soup!  Can I have some?”

Uh sure.  It never occurred to me to offer a child fruit. We’re talking raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and bananas. Totally healthy.  I gave her a spoonful, sure she was just being polite. Nope. She ate it all and wanted more.  You mean kids actually eat fruit?  Total surprise to me.

After we finished eating, we adjourned to the living room because I had rented a Christmas movie. I lined the floor with blankets and pillows and we all settled down.  Bugaboo and the 6 year old were playing ball and it rolled behind the couch. “I’ll get it,” said the 6 year old and with that, he disappeared behind my couch.  Only to reemerge triumphantly holding up the ball.  “Look it has fuzz,” he said, holding up a dust covered ball and shaking things off him.  He disappeared again and brought forth another ball, a toy, a dirty sock, a pencil and some unidentifiable-used-to-be-food-item.  Thanks kiddo.

Finally 8:30 came and my husband took our guests home while I settled our two down for the night. When my husband returned, he looked weary.  “Wow!  Both babies were screaming bloody murder and their parents looked exhausted. I’m glad we aren’t having more children.”  I smiled and said, “but honey, maybe our next ones will eat fruit soup and keep the area behind our couches clean.”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tracie
    Dec 20, 2010 @ 13:55:50

    Fruit Soup. That is so cute.

    Now I want some raspberries.

    And I realize that I should probably show some love to that area behind and under my couch with the vacuum cleaner.


  2. risingrainbow
    Dec 31, 2010 @ 15:19:42

    Fruit soup, huh. I wonder where she got that name. Oh, the imagination of a child just has to make you laugh but not nearly as much as this post. You have made my day.

    Happy New Year!


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