Snow Days as Adults

Snow Day today.  Only in the South we don’t get real snow. We get rain that turns into freezing rain that turns into sleet that turns into snow that turns back into sleet and so on, until you have a total icky mess of black ice, regular ice and slush.

I woke up to a phone call from the automated school recording telling me we had a 3 hour delay. Thanks for waking me up to tell me I can go back to sleep. My husband was trying to be helpful and so he shut off all the alarms.  So I overslept.  Just because there is no school doesn’t mean there isn’t work for Mommy.

I finally woke up and started down the highway because we have a work lunch party today where you are to bring your favorite baked holiday goody. My favorite baked goody comes from a bakery.  Of course I transfer it to my own plate so as to avoid the appearance of store-bought goods!  I was cruising down the interstate at 70 mph laughing at the fact that school was out.  I got off the highway, turned down a side road and bam, round and round and round I went. Thank goodness there were no other cars around.  After doing a 360 (or two), I crept along to the store and realized just why schools were closed.

I arrived at work to learn that school was actually closed, not just delayed and to get the phone call from my husband about what I (not we) were going to do. Well, honey, I have a pre-trial motions meeting this afternoon so YOU are going to call out of work.  I got an email from another mommy friend about watching her daughter so she could go take her final exam and the total mass chaos began. Emails – phone calls – calls on cell phones – call on work phone. Round and round and round.

Snow days for adults are NO FUN AT ALL.  The final resolution – pre-trials cancelled. Daddy at home until 1:30 when Mommy goes home so Daddy can go to work (again missing no time at all from his job, but that is another vent).  I may need some rum with my egg nog later.


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