Heaven = uninterrupted alone time

My husband hates Christmas shopping. I hate Christmas shopping while toting around small children. My in-laws wanted the kids to come visit them again before Christmas. My husband wanted to hunt.  A win-win-win situation was developed.  Early this morning, the two children and my husband left for his parents. The kids will be spoiled by their grandparents. My husband will hunt.

As for me, I slept until 9 am.  Then woke up and hit the first of many stores.  A brief dash home to drop off one-car load and back out.  Several hours later I was home.  Shopping alone is heavenly.  It even snowed.  The snow may delay my husband and the children, who are thinking of spending the night.  Me complain?  About getting to sleep all by myself with no children? Never!

As for now, I have completed the process of covering up my grays, followed by a nice long, uninterrupted shower. I ate what I wanted for supper which meant nary a macaroni to be seen.  I am now relaxing on the couch watching the news, without having to worry if Munchkin will walk in and ask what “homicide” means.  I will turn on a chick flick soon.  I am wearing pink fuzzy warm socks, purple lounge pants and a navy thermal shirt.  This is my view

Quite lovely, isn’t it?  The only thing missing is a glass of wine, which in my hurry to complete my Christmas shopping, I forgot. But I’m pretty sure I have some hot chocolate and that will do quite nicely too.


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  1. mssc54
    Dec 04, 2010 @ 18:39:55

    I too had some much needed alone time this morning. But mine was 30′ up sitting in my Tree Lounge waiting for Bambi’s mother or father to step out. She did (Bambi’s mom). First deer I’ve gotten since we got the kids in 2006. I just don’t have as much liesure time it seems.

    Enjoy your well earned alone time! And yes, that does look nice. You made a “real fire” all by yourself? You go girl!


  2. lawyerchik
    Dec 04, 2010 @ 22:17:13

    I’m so glad you got this day to yourself!! 🙂 Hope you get to make the most of it!!


  3. DM
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 17:58:20

    Sounds like a Hallmark/ norman Rockwell moment to me.


  4. Legally Insane Mommy
    Dec 05, 2010 @ 20:56:06

    Not only did I make my own real fire, but I had to go lug the firewood up the hill. Our back yard has a step drop off and my husband built a firewood holder down the embankment. I drug the kids’ wagon down part of the way and filled it up. Then lugged the wood in. I’m actually the better fire starter than my husband. I grew up with a wood stove and learned growing up. Congrats on the deer! Sounds like good eating meat. No second deer for my husband so we just have one this year. But the ground meat will see us part of the way through the year.


  5. misssrobin
    Dec 06, 2010 @ 16:19:15

    I’ll take the alone time, but I hate shopping. I wonder if there’s any way I can get the one without doing the other.

    I am green with envy over your view (mostly because it looks like the room is clean).


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