Foiled Again

In anticipation of my last-minute guest, I rushed home and “accidentally” forgot about Munchkin’s Girl Scout’s meeting. That’s okay – she forgot too. Mostly because she was worried about getting in trouble for bending David’s fingers backwards when he wouldn’t move them out of Owen’s space.  I don’t know why that was her problem, but apparently it was and she took care of it. For which she landed herself on the color “blue” for the day which she knows results in consequences at home.

In any event, we get home and I lay out 3 plates, 6 slices of bread, put mayonnaise on the bread and then open the fridge – only to realize we have no turkey and cheese.  So I throw that bread out and spread peanut butter on new slices of bread – only to realize that we only have strawberry jelly which Munchkin won’t eat.  So I throw all the bread in the trash and ask the kids if they want Spaghetti-Os or Beenie Weenies. They choose Beenie Weenies so into the microwave and onto the plate. Just for them though, because I wouldn’t eat that stuff for any reason.  I rush through the shower. Then bathe the kids, scrub the bathroom, put fresh sheets on the bed, review Munchkin’s homework, straighten the house and finally at 7:15 pm, put both kids in front of the TV with a snack while I finally fix myself some supper. 

I mix up some egg whites, fat-free cheddar cheese, turkey bacon and make an omelet.  Grab a whole-wheat bagel and some light butter and I’m good to go.  I walk back out to join them in the living room and all of a sudden both kids make a bee-line for me.  These are kids that will not eat anything remotely healthy. But all of a sudden, they both want my food.  Munchkin starts nibbling my eggs and Bugaboo is picking the sausage chunks out of my omelet and eating them.

Since we are leaving to go out of town Wednesday, there is no sense in going to the grocery store to replenish the food supply.  But I bet you  money when I try to serve egg white omelets with fat-free cheese and turkey sausage to the kids tonight, they will rebel.  And I’ll be foiled again.


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  1. mssc54
    Nov 23, 2010 @ 12:04:30

    Just tell them they can’t have it. 🙂

    My Mrs has been going to a weight management doctor for nine or ten months now. One of the things tthat I’ve been retrained on is to read labels. It’s the protein vs calorie number. The goal is ro keep the calories no more than ten times higher than the protein. I was really excited the other day when I found roast beaf with 19 grams of protein and only 110 calories!

    You know how it is, initially the weight was just falling off but the more you lose the slower the “progress.” To date she’s lost nearly SEVENTY POUNDS!!

    Have a fantabulous visit with your frind and an enjoyable Thanksgiving!


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