Are They Trying to Drive Me Insane?

….. or because I’m already insane, is it insane-er?  Never mind.

I had my annual physical last week. Since the sun I love so much has gone into hiding, and the long dark winter months are upon us, I decided to avail myself of some “happy” pills.  I’ve taken them before and find they really help during the winter.  My family, co-workers and friends greatly appreciate my consumption or this product as well.

The doctor writes out the ‘script and hands me a sample packet to get me through the first 2 weeks.  Off I go to the pharmacy to drop off the item.  Later that day my husband calls.  He says, “Pharmacy called. Something about HIPPA.  But you need some form to get something that you want.”  Huh?

I call the pharmacy and they tell me I need pre-authorization to fill the prescription.  Never mind that I’ve taken this medication before – it’s some new requirement.  I’m supposed to get this form from my doctor. Never mind that the doctor wrote a blasted prescription.

I call the doctor only to be told I have to get the form faxed to them from the insurance company.  I call the insurance company and go through automated menu hell. The old “press one” was bad enough, but now they have voice recognition.  “Say in-network or out-of-network.”  The voice software does not recognize, “Get a %#(*^@ human on the phone.”  Finally, I got an option to say, “Representative.”  The software does recognize “Bleeping representative.”  A human voice comes on.  After giving him every stat under the moon, he agrees to fax the form to my doctor. He asks me to stay on the line while he verifies the fax goes through. Then the blasted guy wants to make small talk.  What?  Just hit send already.  Finally, it goes through and I ask him what happens next.

Next, the doctor sends it back to the insurance company who sends it to the pharmacy who then fills the prescription. What, pray tell, is the purpose of all of this?  Apparently, this particular medication is more expensive so the insurance company, in their infinite quest to save money, wants the doctor to verify that I need this medication and not another.  And since when does an insurance company hold a MD degree? 

All I have to add is that this blasted system better get it all straight in the next 2 days which is when my little sample pack is done. Because you don’t want to see me without my Happy Pills.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mssc54
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 10:05:06

    You should have asked the HMO guy if he realizes that that medication is to help you not bit the head off of every Joe-Smoe that annoyes you in the slightest. lol

    We have BCBS for SC. I’ve been dealing with this for one type of medication for a few years now. If my experience is anything like your’s will be that will be an annual form.

    I think the reason they do it is for statistics. There may be a small percentage of people who say the heck with it or just give me the generic. The HMO wins.

    Hang in there and enjoy your happy pills!


  2. lawyerchik1
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 10:26:39

    LMAO!! 🙂 That was hilarious!! (Not that you might have to go without happy pills – just the description!) Actually, I am thinking of getting one of those SAD lights for the same reason….. Weird how something called a “SAD light” is supposed to make you happy. You can do it!! (Better living through chemistry!)


  3. misssrobin
    Nov 18, 2010 @ 15:30:19

    I am one of those people who would either just give in or have my husband do it. I get too emotional when talking about my health.

    Good for you.


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