It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Mommy

My 6 year old firmly convinced I am a superhero. Mostly because I have persuaded her that I have supernatural senses of hearing and vision, all the better to hear and see what she is doing in the other room without even being there. If you’re a mommy, you’ll know it’s really the absence of the sound and sight of children that clues you in there is a problem.

Today I was musing over just which superpower I would like most. I think I would prefer to travel at the speed of light. At 3 pm today I have a meeting in town. The very town where my 6 year old has school. Ordinarily having a 3 pm meeting, sure to last until 4:30, would be cause for celebration. Not today. Today it means I will drive separately to the meeting, so that in the event it runs late, I can make a speedy exit. I will dash over to the elementary school, where I will cajole my daughter into skipping the usual hug, “I’ll miss you until I see you tomorrow, you’re the bestest friend ever” routine. I’ll throw a bag of clothes at her and direct her to change into her soccer gear. I will be changing myself from Work Mom into Home Mom in the elementary school bathroom, which by the way, is not designed for 35 year old women. We’ll drive to her brother’s daycare, where she will insist on getting out of the car and traipsing inside to help pick him up. After much wrangling, I’ll secure him in his car seat and race back across town to the soccer field. On that car ride, I’ll ply the kids with juice and snacks because dinner will be late. After soccer, it will be another quick change of shoes because cleats are only to be worn at soccer (I, having learned my lesson after having my toes stepped on by a cleat wearing child). We will dash back across town to the elementary school where we will be entertained by the elementary school choir, followed by Back to School Night.

When I awoke this morning, my mind was already racing ahead to the tasks in front of me. Soccer bag packed – check. Snacks and juice packed – check. Jogging stroller for soccer field packed – check. Umbrella stroller for school night – check. Change of clothes for everyone – check. Diaper bag – check.

I decided after such an exhausting morning that had just started, I deserved Starbucks. While waiting in line to order, I checked the calendar on my blackberry and remembered that I hadn’t reminded my husband that I had put money in Doodlebug’s change purse for her after-school pumpkin patch excursion. I can’t find my phone in the black hole that is my purse so I use the light from my phone to try to find my phone. After a length of time much longer than you would expect, I realize my mistake just in time to hear the intercom boom, “Can I take your Order?” I’m so befuddled at this point that I mistakenly order a cold frappucino instead of the warm mocha I was craving.

When I pull up to the window, I see the frappuccino and realize my mistake. Berating myself for my stupidity, I take my change and leave…….with the breakfast sandwich I ordered and paid for still sitting there. I realize this error several miles down the road. And while $4 is a lot of money, it is not worth the 20 minutes I would be late to work.

That speed of light travelling ability sure would come in handy right now. Oatmeal and a frappuccino isn’t a bad breakfast, but it isn’t a hot sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on artisan bread with a hot white chocolate mocha either.


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  1. misssrobin
    Nov 04, 2010 @ 19:52:42

    Wow. That’s a tough day.

    I hope you got yourself a treat sometime soon after. Just to soothe the wounds.


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